Sold along side the popular Vigan empanada in the Empanadahan in the plaza area, Okoy is crispy shrimp fritter  and served with sukang (vinegar) Ilocos with garlic, onion and hot chili.  It's a popular snack or in some cases, viand consists of small fresh shrimps with shell,  glutinous rice batter and deep fried into a round form.  In Vigan, kutchay is... Continue Reading →


When Atty. Leezl asked what we wanted to see or do in Ilocos, I told her it was up to her as long as we get to have empanada, okoy and bagnet.=P We reached Vigan around 12:00nn.   There wasn't any argument what we wanted for lunch.  We headed to Vigan Empanadahan in the plaza, near of... Continue Reading →

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