All the stalls in the Painitan had the same menu,  at least those I have managed to read.  They all served Budbod, puto, pandesal, tsokolate (chocolate drink), and coffee (though we didn't find any brewed or native coffee)... maybe there were a few more that I forgot or not noticed.  But all the stalls also... Continue Reading →


Relatives who frequented the Oriental side of Negros often brought with them Budbod for pasalubong.  I never paid much attention to it for I always thought it was a local version of Suman and a very down-sized version at that.   Though what Suman is to the Tagalogs is actually "Ibos" and "But-ong" for us... Continue Reading →


A trip to Dumaguete will never be complete without having breakfast at the Painitan.  A lot of travelers say that in order to know the character of a town or a city, one must pay a visit to their market.  I guess, nothing says local cooking than food being sold at food stalls at the... Continue Reading →

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