IMG_3941It’s that time of the year again when Bacolod plays host to first time travelers and returning visitors who flock to the city to watch smiling masked dancers in flamboyant and colorful costumes dance to upbeat music in the streets.  It’s also that time of the year when the traffic gets really crazy (by Bacolod standard that is) from all the rerouting that takes place for the annual celebration.

If you’re planning to catch the MassKara Festival this year, it starts today until October 19.


It’s 19 days of merry making, beer drinking, food tripping and street dancing in the City of Smiles.  It’s one big party after another as the people take the celebration to the streets… literally.  If you haven’t been to Bacolod yet, this is one of the best time to be here.  Just be a little creative in looking for a place to stay since most of the hotels and pension houses are fully booked.  But people hardly sleep during the weekend highlight of MassKara anyway.