It started as a silly joke when my friends came to Bacolod... at least I thought it was... that we were going to see the Philippines from A to Z.  But we seem to be stuck on letter B... Bacolod then Batangas... and I think they're seriously thinking about Batanes this summer. A road trip... Continue Reading →


Our plan was to leave Bacolod for Dumaguete at 3:00 a.m.  We estimated our travel time to be between 4-5 hours to get to Dumaguete City via Mabinay.  It was already 4:00 a.m. when we left the city.  To add to our boo-boos, we were already at the outskirts of the city when we remembered that... Continue Reading →


We've been planning to go to Ilocos for some time... but it never seem to push through for one reason or another.   Luckily, this June... we made it.   All throughout the year, airlines have seat sales... and with enough luck, a round trip plane ticket to Laoag would cost about the same (or... Continue Reading →


We've been planning a birthday getaway to Guimaras but at the last minute (more like two weeks) we had to change plans since we couldn't get the desired number of travelers.  We needed a plan B.  Dumaguete was an easy choice since there's a bus that leaves Bacolod for Dumaguete every hour... but we've all been... Continue Reading →

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