I'm a night person... but this is one place I don't mind waking up early even before the sun.


The best part of staying a night in Dumaguete, is spending mornings at the Boulevard.  The place is never seem to be without people be it mornings or nights... or the remaining hours in between.  Even before the sun rises, you can see fishermen back after an early sail, joggers getting ready for their run,... Continue Reading →


I've been to Dumaguete several times this year but I have never set foot inside Silliman campus.  The city being known as a University town and Silliman University is one of its famous landmark, a must see place when visiting Dumaguete.  Fortunately, when our photography club had a photo walk in Dumaguete last November, Sir... Continue Reading →


While walking along Real Street from Robinsons Dumaguete, we were told that a particular area sells lechon along the road.  I saw from across the street, I small store with a couple glass casings displaying what I thought was chopped lechon.  When I got there, I found out it was deep fried pork intestines... that... Continue Reading →


All the stalls in the Painitan had the same menu,  at least those I have managed to read.  They all served Budbod, puto, pandesal, tsokolate (chocolate drink), and coffee (though we didn't find any brewed or native coffee)... maybe there were a few more that I forgot or not noticed.  But all the stalls also... Continue Reading →


Relatives who frequented the Oriental side of Negros often brought with them Budbod for pasalubong.  I never paid much attention to it for I always thought it was a local version of Suman and a very down-sized version at that.   Though what Suman is to the Tagalogs is actually "Ibos" and "But-ong" for us... Continue Reading →


A trip to Dumaguete will never be complete without having breakfast at the Painitan.  A lot of travelers say that in order to know the character of a town or a city, one must pay a visit to their market.  I guess, nothing says local cooking than food being sold at food stalls at the... Continue Reading →


We've been planning a birthday getaway to Guimaras but at the last minute (more like two weeks) we had to change plans since we couldn't get the desired number of travelers.  We needed a plan B.  Dumaguete was an easy choice since there's a bus that leaves Bacolod for Dumaguete every hour... but we've all been... Continue Reading →

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