The Philippine University Games or more know as the UNIGAMES, is a national collegiate sports competition in the Philippines.  The UNIGAMES is composed of fourteen (14) sports disciplines namely Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Chess, Lawn Tennis, Sepak Takraw, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball, and Beach Volleyball.  It is a Visayas-based national event and the University of... Continue Reading →


FILM: PHP-FACine – Namets! – Jay Abello – 2008

I guess, this is Masskara Hangover... NAMETS! is an entry to the 2008 Cinemalaya.  The film was shot entirely in Negros Occidental.  It's a romantic comedy, which stars Christian Vasquez and Angel Jacob... directed by Jay Abello.  The title is a play on the Hiligaynon word 'namit' which means yummy or delicious. Jacko (Christian Vasquez)... Continue Reading →


My parents used to take me to the Capitol Park and Lagoon when i was a kid.  Like many children in Bacolod, I took my first steps or those wobbly steps as a toddler in the park fronting the Provincial Capitol Building of Negros Occidental.  The pair of carabaos standing at opposite ends of the lagoon seemed... Continue Reading →


The Provincial Captol of Negros Occidental was built on 1924 to 1935.  It has survived the Japanese bombing and occupation during World War II.  When the price of sugar dropped in the 70s, so did the economy of the province.  Insurgency and peasant unrest worsened with the deteriorating economy.  The building was then ignored and... Continue Reading →


It was nine o'clock in the morning.  Business was slow at this time of the day.  There weren't too many people roaming around the Capitol Lagoon.  An old woman was sitting on one of the benches, under the shade of the trees.  Packs of puffed rice were neatly stacked beside her waiting for customers to buy... Continue Reading →


The Capitol Park and Lagoon is a provincial park located in Bacolod City where one will find the 0 Km for the province of Negros Occidental.  Among the features of the park are the matching figures by Italian sculptor Francesco Riccardo Monti of a woman standing alongside a carabao and that of a man pulling another carabao which are... Continue Reading →


It started raining late in the afternoon in Bacolod.  The rain would pour hard for a brief moment and thin out as if it was about to stop... then it would start raining hard again.  Maki sent me a text message, reminding me to pack my rain gears and that she was picking us up... Continue Reading →


We've been planning a birthday getaway to Guimaras but at the last minute (more like two weeks) we had to change plans since we couldn't get the desired number of travelers.  We needed a plan B.  Dumaguete was an easy choice since there's a bus that leaves Bacolod for Dumaguete every hour... but we've all been... Continue Reading →

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