I used to write you sappy letters and I still do. Though now, you don't get to hold and read them like you used to. I often tucked them under folded shirts in your closet for you to find. I don't know if you've read any of them for you haven't said a word. But... Continue Reading →


My mom's favorite anecdote about my childhood was that I didn't have one. She'd tell friends or relatives that she doesn't remember ever seeing me play games like my younger siblings did and wonders what I did when I as a child. Of course, it's kinda hilarious to hear now that I am an adult... Continue Reading →


I remember how you used to read to me at night when I was small. It never seemed to work though. For instead of putting me to sleep, I'd end up asking a hundred and one questions... sometimes even more. That must have been exasperating for you and mom. I didn't care if the story... Continue Reading →


Went to the bookstore earlier today to find a birthday card for my mom. I was off somewhere again and won't be spending this day with her and the rest of the family. Maybe a (belated) card delivered thru courier would make me feel less guilty. But I couldn't find one I liked. I wasn't... Continue Reading →


It's your first birthday we'll be spending without you.  I've been telling myself that it shouldn't make any difference because I have missed a lot of birthdays, holidays and family occasions since I often opted to spend them some place else or travelling.  I always thought that my absence was inconsequential since Mom, my siblings... Continue Reading →


Scouting was Dad’s life.  Unfortunately, neither myself nor my siblings took interest in it. Camping and the outdoors were way out of my comfort zone. Daddy took me to see the scouting activities at the plaza or at the school grounds.  I enjoyed the campfires and torch parades.  I was amazed with how many types... Continue Reading →


My sister and my brother-in-law finally allowed thier little girl to get a rabbit... and today, they were picking up her new furry friends from the pet shop near my house.  My niece, Yana was all giddy and excited when she arrived in the house with the two bunnies in the small makeshift box from... Continue Reading →

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