Halfway through the introduction of the book Scrappy Little Nobody, the Anna Kendrick writes (or rather says, because I initially have an audio version): "That night, I resolved to keep the crazy inside my head where it belonged. Forever. But here’s the thing about crazy: It. Wants. Out." and I couldn't agree with her more.  There... Continue Reading →


Took my twelve year old niece to watch Pitch Perfect 3.  She loved the entire movie -- the songs, the jokes, and the Bellas, of course.  She practically grew up with the Pitch Perfect movies and she introduced me to the franchise years ago when she was just half her age now. I didn't hate... Continue Reading →


Sure, the story of traveling to find one's self has been told too many times.  But it's hard to resist the charm of Siargao as visually depicted by Director Paul Soriano.  I'm a real sucker for good cinematography.  A wonderfully shot film will have have 50% of my vote.  I couldn't put together enough words... Continue Reading →

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