What is Bacolod Walks?


I’m not really sure what Bacolod Walks is suppose to be.  I’ve started several blogs in the last three years but never got around to maintaining any of them.  I’m promising myself that I’ll work on this one this time around.  Hopefully…

This is not a travel blog though I will often talk about the places I’ve been and will go to.  Neither is this a food blog but food is one of the best part of my trips.  This isn’t a photography blog either… though the entries are mostly photo driven.  You can ask me about the settings and post processing details but I don’t really talk about it in the entries.

Bacolod Walks started as a journey in the place I grew up in.  An adventure to find new images of a changing city.  Sometimes, I find myself walking in another city… finding new horizons… chasing sunsets in different places… and hoping to catch a glimpse of the sunrise every once in a while… walking barefoot along the sandy beaches… being amazed by the beauty of our heritage and fascinated with architecture… watching and wondering… wandering and getting lost every now and then.

These are just images and memories of journeys and adventures.  Hope you’ll enjoy walking with me.


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