photo taken by Joel Blas

a legal practitioner.  a women and child’s rights advocate.  an idealist.

Though right now, I would just love to go out and shoot with Igor (my camera).  I’m not a photographer, I’m a photography enthusiast.  I have an entry level camera with a 18-55 mm kit lens and 55-250 mm telephoto lens.  Just the very basic stuff that could fit in my not-so-small camera bag.  Though I carry a tripod every now and then (that cannot fit in this bag).


Igor now has a baby (though bigger in size) sister, Duckie, and an (adopted) little brother, Hiro.  I have accumulated a couple of lenses and several camera bags as well.  Each serves a different purpose, I would often justify to myself.  But sadly, I don’t get to shoot as often as I like to… nor write regularly since my pending work (both in my regular job and hobby) has piled up too.  Though often times, there seems to be a chaos in my mind as new projects pop up faster than I can accomplish them.=(

Touring Taal, Batangas

I love these three equally but I have been bringing Hiro (X30) along in trips and even to the office more often now.  Hmmmm! Am I thinking of converting to mirrorless gear? Maybe not soon.  I still prefer my Canon for sports.  But Fujifilm had been making a very convincing argument.



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