IMG_6534-2I wrote this way back in February 9, 2009 because a friend tagged me a in post “25 random things” in FB.  Not to spoil the fun, I tried to do my own list.  I found the process actually fun… though randomness is the least I would characterize myself.  It gave me a chance to take a look at certain aspects in my life and myself from a different perspective.

I’m re-posting this to see how much of me has changed.


1. I love the color brown and orange. Some people find it usual… maybe not a common favorite for most people. In fact, I have an orange wall at home… and my door is orange, too.

2. I don’t drink alcohol (unless may grave coercion)… I don’t smoke (I’ll definitely get sick)… I can’t dance (not even if my life depended on it)… I can’t sing (I’m musically challenged)… not much social skills, I guess.

3. I don’t drink coffee but I love the smell of coffee… but I do love anything with mocha or coffee flavor… cakes, ice cream, etc…. even colors.

4. I’m a self confessed OC. I arrange my cd’s alphabetically, my books by subject and height, my magazines by topics and dates, my phone book by last names… hahaha! You should see my files in my computer.

5. I like other people’s kids. Maybe not all kids… but I’d prefer other people’s kids than my own that way you can always return them to their parents when they’re dirty or crying.. or way too much to handle.

6. This my mom told me… I didn’t cry much as a baby… I only cooed a lot. I wasn’t noisy but a talkative baby. I actually started talking when I was eight month old.

7. I am a Lola’s girl. My Lola has always been my first mom. I was never close to my real Mom when I was growing up. Lola must have loved me so much that when she passed away she did not leave me on my own… she gave me back my real Mom. I rediscovered my relationship with my Mom after my Lola’s death.

8. I love to cook… I cook only the food like to eat… papakot na paella, palagpat na pesto, and so on… I can cook to survive but probably not to impress anyone. My culinary skills has much to do with memories rather than art.

9. Chicken would be my default dish. If I don’t have anything in mind to eat, it would be chicken then. I could eat chicken everyday… fried, grilled, however…

10. My favorite sport is chess. Yes! chess. Many would not consider it a sport. As a child, I played chess alone since no one in my family knows how to play. I would get fever the night after playing at least two rounds… but I’d still come back the next day to play. I would dream about the game during tournaments. As in, moving pieces…

11. I’ve always dreamed of being a lawyer… but it took me ten years to finally get to law school. Get to law school ha… not finish.

12. I was ecstatic about passing the bar… not only because I DID pass but I passed together with my bar buddies (Maki and Deng) and my law school seatmate (Det). The four of us are actually crazy enough to put up an office and practice together. Lantawa nyo na lang pictures namon… it’s more like play than practice. But that makes all the stress bearable… having friends to share it with — the stress, the work, the funny and sad moments…

13. I’m scared of needles… seriously! I’m scared of blood… especially if it’s mine. I’m scared of hospitals… I’d rather not go, if I can avoid it. I’m scared of doctors… really.

14. I discovered my love for blogging a few months back… and rediscovered my passion for writing as well. I write mostly for therapy and self-expression. I used to write a lot way back in high school but stopped when I was in college. I am unusually transparent when I write.

15. I’m a gadget freak! I’m crazy about new technology but I’m not techie. I just love to learn new things all the time. I would prefer hard to use cellphones over the user friendly ones.

16. Though I like working on the computer… writing, editing photos, lay-outing, etc…. I still love writing and reading handwritten letters. A person’s hand writing says so much about a person more than type written words.

17. I don’t like having my pictures taken. I squirm or fidget most of the time in my photos. I hardly have decent photos… or those where I smile.

18. I’m not fond of traveling… but give me a camera and I’d go backpacking anytime. My friends have to coerce me whenever they would go on vacations. I’m not a beach person either… not fond of the sun and sand. But I can always change my mind, i guess…

19. I prefer sunset over sunrise. There’s not much sense in wanting to see the sunrise if you’re asleep ’til noon. The watching Kiltepan sunrise will definitely be a challenge.

20. I played in an arcade with a friend once and enjoyed it. Promised a rematch! Problem lang kun may nakakilala basi madulaan client o patient.

21. My best friend has been my friend since grade school. We’ve known each other since we were ten years old and haven’t gone on one single vacation together.

23. I still watch cartoons… I have lots of favorites… mostly comic book heroes.

24. I love movies over music. Most of the music I like are movie soundtracks. I like watching movies that would make me want to do good or try to be a good person after coming out of the theater.

25. It took me really long to finish this thing… which only proves one point — I don’t think randomly.

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