I bid goodbye to my old blog THiRTYSOMETHiNG and all my other blogs when I started Bacolod Walks in 2010. There is always that conscious effort to sound straight forward and avoid being emotionally charged. In other words, nakpapaka mature.

I reopened THiRTYSOMETHiNG a few days ago. (Fortunately, I still remembered my account name and password.) It was a compilation of handwritten notes and contents of my other blogs. A journal of some sorts but the entries were rather sporadic, mostly poems I wrote when I was brooding. My poor attempts at poetry were either depressing or foolish. A roller coaster ride that spanned 10 years. I smiled and cringed as I skimmed through the entries. But somehow, I am glad that I chose to keep them. It had been quite a journey.

“After Life” was one of the first poems I’ve written after a really long while. As I said, I love brooding.


How does one learn to walk again
when the spirit is broken
and dreams are lost?
Will my prayers reach the heavens
when I’ve turned my back
and have fallen too many times?
Will he still be there
when I’ve chosen to doubt
instead of believing?
What is there beyond the sky
where light and darkness meet?
What is there beyond time,
beyond past, present and future?
Will we remember?
Will we forget?
(Written on February 2, 2000)

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