As I was driving home from work today, the western horizon was slowly turning into graduated shades of orange and gold, the sun was hovering just a little above the horizon when I caught a glimpse of sakadas on top of a ten-wheeler truck, loading it with sugarcane, cleaning each stem to minimize trash, and filling whatever crevices with more sugarcane until the truck can hold no more.  A scene I have seen so many times, having lived all my life in a province that predominantly produces sugar… but hardly with a beautiful sunset on the background while familiar figures who labor day after day are nothing more than just silhouettes.

I wanted to pull over to the side of the road to take a few shots.  But I was at the inner lane and there were a lot of vehicles driving past and fast on my right.  With I sigh, I only managed a glance.  I consoled myself that not all beautiful scenery need to be photographed.  One only needs to enjoy the moment and savour the wonder as it unfolds.

I’ve written so many times how fascinated I am with sunsets… and often foolishly chase them.  Every day, I bring Hiro (my point and shoot) along to work.  You’ll never know what opportunities the day will bring.  Though not all memories are measured in pixels.