It’s day 2 with Hiro (Fujifilm X30).  I stopped along the highway between Silay and Talisay just when the sun was slowly slipping the west side of the horizon.  The weather had been temperamental for the last few days.  The sky had cleared late in the afternoon and had turned into vibrant hues of orange, red and purple.

A youtube review said this camera is all about fun but since my last two camera’s have been Canon DSLRs, getting used to configuring the settings takes a bit of time to get used to.  After a few minutes, I figured out how to take a silhouette shot.  Simply turn it to manual and fiddle with aperture and shutter speed.  Just in time to capture the moment.  Hiro delivered.  I only added watermarks and straightened the image.  The colors was straight out of the camera.

It’s ironic to feel calm and serene when sunsets signify an end and a closing.  But we can always look on the brighter side and look forward to another day.


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