Like everything in life, when things gets overwhelming, you need to step back to see the whole picture.

The first time I went to Toslob/Mag-ambak Falls, I was so amazed with the beauty and the feel of the place.  Water cascading gently down a wall of umbrella-like rock formations creating a curtain of rain shower falling into a (not too) shallow pool hidden by bamboo trees and lush mountain vegetation.  I tried to get as close as I could, hoping to take a photo underneath the falls, looking up the sky.  Of course, that is easier said than done.  Firstly, my camera isn’t water proof.  Second, the widest my lens can go is 18mm.  But I did try… not too close tho.

When I returned after a year or two… this time, with another set of friends who very much enjoyed swimming in the cool waters of Toslob falls… I wondered away, followed the water as it flowed down stream from the main pool down to patches of smaller pools and rivers.  From a distance, the place is just as enchanting.