It’s one of those days… you get up and realize you’re missing something badly.  You do what you got do, right? Something I learned when I was reviewing for the Bar Exams.  Even though it was late in the morning, I decided to pick-up my camera bag and head to Downtown Bacolod.    Didn’t really have any particular theme in mind, except shooting with a wide lens.  Been pretty excited test driving the new Canon 10-18mm lens.

Took very few shots since the summer heat was quite intense even before noon and I have shot in this area a lot of times.  But a place is never the same no matter how often you see it.  Roamed around the plaza and ended my walk at the San Sebastian Cathedral… though my last stop was really lunch at SM.

Should do this more often.  But I need to remember to put on sunblock… sunog na naman.