IMG_1030It was again a slow start for UP when they dropped the first set against the Lady Falcons.  But the Lady Maroons came back, and ended the match in four sets.  It was a long drawn battle between the ladies from Diliman and San Marcelino, scoring 22-25, 25-21, 29-27, 34-32.  Probably one of the longest and most exciting matches of the season.  The win gave UP a 3-4 win-loss card and 6th place in the standings.

The win, however, with came with a huge price.  As UP was building a lead early in the fourth set, UP’s middle blocker, Kathy Bersola landed awkwardly on her right knee and buckled down on the floor, crying and writhing in pain.  Anxious moments ensued and MOA Arena stood still as everyone waited, hoping Bersola to somehow pick herself up.  But Bersola was taken out of the court (and the arena) on a stretcher.  Somehow, the turn of events fueled the fire in the Lady Maroons as they steadily fought off the feisty Lady Falcons in a match that didn’t seem to end.

It was again going to be a roller-coaster ride for UP, though having survived the relentless floor defense of Adamson, have to look deeper as their ace middle blocker succumbed to a season ending injury.  Coach Jerry need to find a way to fill the void left by Bersola not only in terms of scoring but the leadership and presence she brings every game.


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