What will life be like for Adamson after losing their ace spiker Bang Pineda? Many predicted that they will be out of the running for the top four spot and will probably battle it out on the bottom half of the standings.  La Salle, on the other hand, has a new captain in the scoring machine, Ara Galang.  Though not as vocal and spirited as her predecessor, Galang has a massive following as evidenced by the fans wearing the number 8 shirtsey and placards with her name during their games.

La Salle always looked lethal as they walk in the court in their white and green.  Tall, lean and determined to start their campaign to take back the championship.  People thought that this will be a boring match… a walk in the park for the Lady Spikers.  With Villanueva, Paat and Galanza on attack mode, the Lady Falcons surprised fans and detractors as they went toe to toe with the La Salle in the first set and snatched the second set.  But La Salle ran away with the third set.  As Adamson’s defense folded on the fourth and final set, La Salle took their first win for Season 77.  Ara Galang’s 27 output in this match proved why she is one of the favorites in the league.

It’s always exciting to watch Adamson play.  They may not be as tall or as popular as the other teams, they have no superstars nor highly prized rookies, but their excellent floor defense and team play never ceases to amaze volleyball fans.


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