New folderFirst time for me to shoot a triathlon.  I think, this also my first time to watch a triathlon event.  I saw some triptych photos of triathlons in the net which got me interested to try shoot one.  It was harder than I thought… and I thought shooting volleyball matches under poor lighting condition was tough.  Try outdoor sports under the heat of summer.=|

This is the third year in a row that Sipalay City is hosting the event.  It has also been an opportunity for the city to stir up interest of athlete-participants, local and foreign tourist to come and see the event and experience what Sipalay has to offer.  Sipalay has been known for it’s white sand beaches and dive sites… and of course its seafood.

It was quite an experience… and I look forward to another triathlon.  Di hamak naman masmadali magshoot kesa sumali.  I just need to remember to wear slippers or sandals and shorts instead of jeans and shoes.  And not to forget to bring sunblock.


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