IMG_2377This is my first time to witness the Talaba Festival… though I’ve heard of it and Cong. Chedz Alvarez would invite us every year.   Finally, got to see this one this year… over the weekend.  The Municipality of Ilog celebrates Kisi-Kisi Festival every March 25, and the Talaba Festival (or the eat-all-you-can-talaba/oysters festival as I call it) happens a few days before it.

For those who love oysters… you have to come and see this festival.  Tables line the street adjacent to the plaza where cooked oysters were laid on top for locals and visitors to sample.  The mechanics are simple: eat as many oysters as you can crack open on site.  You cannot bring them home.  The oysters are for free.  Bring your own rice and drink.  

I don’t know how long it took to cook all those oysters and to set up the 300 meter long tables… but I’m sure it took only a fraction of that time to finish them all.

Happy Kisi-Kisi Festival to all the people of Ilog! Thanks Cong. Chedz Alvarez


Ilog can be reached through public utility vehicles in about two-and-a-half hours.  By private transport, it is about two hours ride south of Bacolod City through the main highway.  Take a bus and mini-bus to Kabankalan City at the South Terminal, Bacolod City.  From Kabankalan, Ilog is a few minutes away by jeep or trikes.


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