Last time I was in Siquijor, we stayed in Larena.  This time around I wanted to look for a place in San Juan, thinking that the town was facing North-West and would have a good vantage point or a least a glimpse of the sunset.  My navigation skills isn’t that reliable.  So when I say South-West that was far from accurate.  There was also the fact that we were traveling in a big group and each have a different preference especially when it came to comfort and price.

We eventually reserved five rooms in Coral Cay Resort, which was located Solangon, San Juan.  The rooms were reasonably priced.  Their cheapest rooms were at P 1,035.00 and the most expensive at P 3,751.  The prices vary depending whether you want air conditioned or fan rooms, or beach side/pool side rooms, or those that are in the inner grounds they refer to as garden rooms.  The place is well landscaped and walking from your garden room to the beach isn’t daunting.

True to the description in their website, Coral Cay as an eco-sensitive, environmentally responsible, low impact resort that blends with its natural environment and people.  Comfortable, spacious cottages overlooking the sea made and scattered around the well planned space.  Though a little maintenance and up keep wouldn’t hurt.

Our room located near the pool will comfortably accommodate four people with its two large beds.  The room itself was big enough for extra beds if you don’t mind sharing the en suit bathroom.  We opted for a fan room since the last time we were in Siquijor (also on August), the weather was cool enough.  We paid about P1,750.00 since the base price of P1,500.00 was good for two persons.


After checking-in and putting our stuff in our respective rooms, we had lunch at the resort’s restaurant.  They have quite a number of stuff on their menu and they also have a bar selection.  But as the case in most resorts, the prices are a bit steep.  Maybe I didn’t order right or the food in this place doesn’t really agree with my taste buds but I didn’t really like the food.  I don’t think it’s bad.  I just didn’t like it.

The resort offered activities like ocean diving, outriggers, kayaks, volleyball, and billiards.  It also had a swimming pool and gym.  But on our first day, we decided to simply relax, unwind, and chill out… translation: sleep… coffee or beer by the beach… sit around… or whatever crazy stuff we can think of.  We opted to have dinner in a nearby town.


Like in most of my travels, I make it a point to wake up to catch a glimpse of the sun rise.  There wasn’t much color as it was cloudy early on.  Worse even, it was that time of the year when debris from the sea are washed off the shores in San Juan.  But that’s no reason not to shoot.  There is always something to see, even when it wasn’t what you expected.

Over all, Coral Cay was a good place to stay.  Spacious and affordable rooms… and good service.  The staff were friendly.  (Perhaps because there weren’t any other guests during that time except for us.) You can make reservations online and arrange for pick-up from the pier if you’re travelling in a large group.

Touring the island in Coral Cay’s ride

The resort’s jeep took us around the island before heading to the pier.  The driver also became our guide as we toured the sights of Siquijor in an hour or two.


(Some photos courtesy of Doc Argie)


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