999121_1415490381996811_1002398963_nOur plan was to leave Bacolod for Dumaguete at 3:00 a.m.  We estimated our travel time to be between 4-5 hours to get to Dumaguete City via Mabinay.  It was already 4:00 a.m. when we left the city.  To add to our boo-boos, we were already at the outskirts of the city when we remembered that we didn’t gas up the night before… and we discovered that finding a 24-hour gas station was more difficult than we thought.  Fortunately, there was a gas filling station somewhere along the highway of San Enrique or Valladolid.

Our next stop was around 6:00 a.m. at Kabankalan City for gas and bathroom break.  It took us around another 3 hours to get to Dumaguete.  We then rendezvoused with our other companions at GoHotels in Dumaguete.

We were travelling in three groups: (1) Det’s party arrived Dumaguete a day ahead and were staying at the GoHotels, (2) our group that left Bacolod at 4:00 a.m., and (3) Maki’s group that left Bacolod around 5:00 a.m., and stopped for breakfast at Kabankalan and were joined by Chedz.

We decided to have breakfast at GoHotels while waiting for the others.  We haven’t finished our food yet when the group of Maki arrived at the hotel.  It was either we were driving that so slow or they were driving really fast.  We left our vehicles at the parking lot of the hotel before heading to the pier.

We got whatever was the next available ferry going to Siquijor.  The boat was almost full when we boarded.  I was seated beside (Manang) Cons who I discovered (after years of being friends), gets seasick.  She kept asking how long ’til the sea will get rough.  Fortunately, for her and our friends who are traveling to Siquijor for the first time, the trip was pretty smooth.

Upon reaching Siquijor, we booked our return trip for the next day via Ocean Jet at 1:40 pm.  The fare was a bit more expensive but it was one of the bigger (translation: safer or maybe just less bumpy) fast crafts that ply Siquijor-Dumaguete.

We had previously reserved rooms Coral Cay Resort.  It wasn’t that far from the port but getting public transport that can accommodate all 15 of us would be difficult since the primary mode of public transportation in were tricycles and there are very few multicabs or jeepnies.

This was my second time in Siquijor.  I was travelling with a different group of friends, and we’ll be staying in a different resort in another part of the island.


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