IMG_7275There’s more to see in Paoay than just the famous Paoay Church.  On the way back to Manila we had to make a last stop at one of many houses of the late Ferdinand Marcos that was built or maintained during his 20 year reign in power, the “Malacanang ti Amianan” or the Malacanang of the North overlooks Paoay lake.  It was a two-storey structure that was built on a 5 hectare property. After it was completed in 1977, it became the venue of the trendiest high society settings.  The Marcoses entertained their guests to parties, water skies and golf.

I can’t begin to describe how grand and extravagant the mansion was. Both the first and upper floors have its own grand living rooms and dining rooms. Imagine all the dignitaries and “who’s who” in Philippine high society at that time that have partied and dined in this venue. There are nine spacious bedrooms, which are all elegantly decorated.

The mansion was transformed into a museum in 1993.  It holds memorabilia of the late president, and is now popular venue for weddings and other grand receptions. Entrance Fee costs Php 20.00. It opens from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. daily.



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