IMG_7253Still in Laoag.  It was almost noon when we left the market.  We decided to have lunch before going back to the hotel.  We drove around for a couple of minutes not knowing where we were going to eat.  We drove past the emapanada stalls in the city but everyone was still sweating after the trop to the market.  The only criteria everyone was unanimous with was air conditioning.  

We found an old house along the roadside that was converted into a dining place with serves — what else — but Ilocano food.  When we entered the resto, I immediately spotted the two refs containing different varieties of cake.  Should we order dessert now? IMG_7241

The waiter led us to the second floor dining area.  It was still empty except for the function room which was enclosed by glass panelled doors.  We decided to try other Ilocano dishes.  I don’t think anyone was going to order bagnet and longganisa since we have several kilos safely packed at the back of our vehicle.  


The best seller (for us) was the Dinardaraan or the Ilocano version of Dinuguan.  It had crispy pork bits and the blood was cooked to a pasty consistency rather than souplike.  The serving was quite small, so we we should have asked for two or three orders for the five of us (Atty Leezl doesn’t eat liver or i think it’s innards in general).  For me the Dinuguan served at Eagle’s nest (the resto at our hotel in Laoag) far better.

Fried Bucto
Fried Bucto

I also found the Crispy Bucto interesting.  Somewhat similar to the Crispy Tawilis served in Taal.  But this little fried fish had fish roe inside.  I hope this dish will not put the Bucto in the endangered species list.

The other dishes were okay.  I’m not a big fan of veggies, stew or soup.

We were excited to order dessert after lunch.  Too excited perhaps that I forgot to take a photo.  The waiter told us that their bestseller was their Carrot Cake which they serve with freshly grated carrots on top.  We decided to have Sans Rival and chocolate something (I can’t remember the name).  The cakes we ordered so-so… far from being memorable.  Maybe we should have took the waiter’s advice.  Maybe next time.




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