We waited for the sun to set at Bangui wind farm for as long as we could.  Was dreaming of the windmills against a red-orange washed sky.  It seemed to take forever.  By six in the afternoon the sun was still lingering high over us.  We decided to call it the day and head back to Laoag.  As we were driving along the coast of Cape Bojeador in Burgos, we chanced upon the sun slowly setting over the West Philippine Sea.  We pulled over along the road and got down to the beach to get a better view.IMG_7160

It was an amazing sight.  The golden sky turned crimson as the sun quietly slipped behind the clouds.  Earlier this day, we were looking over the coast of Burgos from high on top of the Vigia de Nagpartian Hill.  And now, we stood in the shore of the Cape, savoring the changing vista.  The sky reflecting on the rocky pools.

Climbing back up the highway, we bid goodbye upon our serendipitous sunset.  There are things in life that do not happen as planned.  We just have to take chances…