Standing along the coast of Bangui, Ilocos Norte are what looks like 20 “giant electric fans.” While driving along the highway, one could see the blades of the windmills slowly spinning.  Travelers often content themselves with this distant view.  IMG_7125

From the Patapat Viaduct in Pagudpod, we decided to skip going to Saud beach… opting instead to see the Bangui Windmills up close.  It was almost five in the afternoon when we reached the wind farm.  The Bangui coast is a black pebbled beach with a fishing community along its shorelines.  There was nothing like standing beside this giants.  You can feel the awesome power that they can harness.  There wasn’t much wind when got there, so the blades were lazily moving in the sky.


The Bangui Windmills were built by the North Wind Power Development Corporation to take its share in reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) causing global warming and to accelerate the rural electrification of the government.


It is quite a walk from one windmill to another.  The hot pebbles can really be uncomfortable when it gets under your foot.  We were hoping to catch the sunset in Bangui to get a better backdrop for the windmills. But, it took forever for the sun to set.  By 6pm, we decided to leave… the sun still high up there.



  1. its not that the blades would stop if there isnt much wind. it could be that, it has already harnessed enough power that is why they stop rotating. in short, they have stored enough power thats why they stop rotating

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