Got together with some law school friends last night.  Everyone took some time off before the year ends to celebrate the holidays and friendships.  Had dinner and lots of laughs… and drinks for everyone.  Orange juice for Det who due to her delicate condition isn’t allowed to have alcohol, softdrinks or coffee.  Regular coke for me with all the bad sugar in it.  Coke Zero for Maki, cutting down on sugar I guess.  Greygoose Vodka for Deng, her current fave (me thinks).  Hot choco as Lori requested… we all hope it keeps her awake for the night.  We didn’t get any beer for Connie since she’ll be coming from an office party where surely there will a lot of alcohol.=P

It was a simple potluck dinner.  Unintentionally, we ended up having three kinds of roast (pork, chicken and beef), fresh salad with a delicious bottled dressing (forgot to ask what it was), my mom’s dinuguan (blood stew), lori’s bakareta (beef stewed in tomato sauce) which was a big hit, baked lasgna with brazo de mercedes and cake for dessert.  We ended taking home most of the food since there was too much for eight people.


Getting through law school and surviving the Bar with these guys was one crazy ride … and now, as we practice our professions together, when things maybe (or ought) to be more serious… we try to be there for each other.  Drawing strength  from each other during the bad times… or just asking the most silly questions in the middle of the night.  There are a lot of things to be thankful for 2012 and memories that will stay with us for a long time.

(seated left to right) Connie, Lori and our host for the night, Maki. (standing left to right) Darrel, Det, Chedz, Ann and me.

But there are more things to look forward to next year… most especially the birth of Darrel and Det’s little boy.  Our first baby in the gang! There’s also Chedz’ reelection bid for district representative.  Got to work and help out in whatever way we could.

It’s a great time whenever we spend it with friends or loved ones.  Sitting around the table and laughing at corny jokes and bloopers.  We are serious people… but we can get crazy at times.  Good crazy.


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