My sister and my brother-in-law finally allowed thier little girl to get a rabbit… and today, they were picking up her new furry friends from the pet shop near my house.  My niece, Yana was all giddy and excited when she arrived in the house with the two bunnies in the small makeshift box from the shop.  Louis, my six year-old nephew, who was staying with me for the weekend, also got all fired up with the prospect of chasing the rabbits around the house.  Sorry, guys… no loose bunnies inside.  We transferred the bunnies unto a bigger box and fed them with pellets from the pet shop… and placed the box in the garden.  My mom put water in an ashtray.  We took her word that it was clean.  We didn’t want our little bunnies having smoking problems later on.  =P

There was peace and quiet (for most of the day) in the house, as the kids hang around the box, watching over the bunnies.  They’d ran up to me from time to time  to ask why the rabbits were not sleeping… or why only the white one peed… and so on… but all in all, the kids were preoccupied much of the time.

Late in the afternoon the kids became restless and the bunny magic was wearing off.  I guess, the kids realized there wasn’t much they can do with the new pets other than watch them jumping or lying around the box.  We took out the bunnies out to the garden so they can move about on the grass.  The kids were all excited and hyper again.  I made them promise to run after the rabbits just in case.

It was also a good time to practice pet photography.  I decided to use a telephoto lens since the bunnies would jump off when I get too close.  I also used a very low stool so I am closer to the ground… I’m not about to crawl in the garden for this.  Here are some of the shots we had:


He feasted on the carabao grass growing in the garden.  He was sat there contented nibbling on blades of grass.IMG_1165-2

While the white bunny was restless and tried to get away when everyone was looking away.  She jumped fast enough for Louis to run after that the kids decided to put her back in the box.  Solitary confinement.IMG_1166-2

Did I mention that Yana named them Mister Carrot Cake (white/brown) and Pechay (white).  Well, Pechay was not Pechay then… Yana named her Twilight, Sprinkles, Snow White and list goes on… But I think her current name is Pechay.  I was teasing her to name one Roger (Rabbit) and the other White (Rabbit).  She hated it! She didn’t get the joke.

The kids also wanted to have their photos taken.  So I had them jump up and down… thinking it would consume their energies in no time.  Guess again… I got tired first from watching them.  Louis, who was heavier, was goofing around and tried to jump into every shot, blocking Yana out of the frame.IMG_1188-2

Until I convinced him demonstrate some Spiderman moves.  Oh well… why not the Hulk.    IMG_1213-2

Yana started studying ballet and jazz this year and wanted to show off some moves.


The law of gravity is right.  The lighter you are, the higher you go… and the heavier, faster you go down.  And the rabbits… they were more tired than the kids.


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