The best part of staying a night in Dumaguete, is spending mornings at the Boulevard.  The place is never seem to be without people be it mornings or nights… or the remaining hours in between.  Even before the sun rises, you can see fishermen back after an early sail, joggers getting ready for their run, others just prefer to walk… a crowd, here and there, engaged in some interesting conversation… some who prefer to savor the morning air and wait for the new day seated in some bench or under the giant old trees… while there are those who are enjoying the view for the first time… or like me, who can’t get enough of the this mornings by the sea.  With my camera bag and tripod slung across my body… I walked along the Boulevard on my own.


The Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete was named after the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal who was said to have visited the city before proceeding to his exile in Dapitan.  The Boulevard stretch is easily visible when coming into Dumaguete port.  With its white lamp posts lined up along the stretch and the gigantic Acacia trees, Rizal Boulevard has become a landmark.  Hotels, cafes, restos and other commercial establishments are line along the strip making the area a hotspot for commerce and tourism.

From the Boulevard, most of the places are a walk away.


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