I’ve been to Dumaguete several times this year but I have never set foot inside Silliman campus.  The city being known as a University town and Silliman University is one of its famous landmark, a must see place when visiting Dumaguete.  Fortunately, when our photography club had a photo walk in Dumaguete last November, Sir Joel Blas arranged for our tour inside the main campus.  I was excited even for this part of the trip alone.  It’s going to be the first time I’ll see the famous Silliman Hall from beyond the fence and get to take photos.

Silliman Hall was built in 1909. It is considered as the oldest wooden structure of Eastern Stick Style of American architecture in the Philippines.  The ground floor is popularly known as the assembly hall, which have been used (in the past) for social and cultural events of the university including mid-week convocation and sunday worhip.  The second floor of Silliman Hall houses the Anthropology museum, which contains rare and priceless collections of ethnographic and archaeological artifacts which date back as early as 200 BC. unfortunately, we taking of photos are prohibited in the second floor.


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