I’ve been wanting to visit Vigan and Taal, Batangas, which are both known for their heritage sites.  After doing some research , I realized that I should first pay a visit to Silay City.  Not that I have never been to Silay… but to take a closer look at the old charm of this city.  Dubbed as the Paris of Negros, Silay has a collection of old mansions built during the height of the of the sugar industry, which in my opinion (because this is my home province… hahaha!) is comparable to Vigan and Taal.  Silay has 31 National Historical Commission-verified houses as of last count, surpassing it’s more famous heritage town counterpart, Vigan.

Silay City is about 30 mins north from Bacolod City.  Just head to the North Terminal in Bacolod City and take any jeep (except for those headed for Talisay) or mini bus or Ceres Bus.  A taxi can also  take you there but will cost more since most drivers will ask for a fixed rate by the hour.  Silay is also where the new airport is located.  For those who are flying in other points of the Philippines, you can take a shuttle vans which will cost you Php 50.- per pax.  There is also an aircon multicab operated by Nyala which charges Php 25.-.  But if you walk to the gate of the airport, you’ll find parked tricycles that will take passengers to most parts of Silay and will probably charge less if there are other passengers with you.

The photos below were taken while walking to (rather trying to find) Balay Negrense after having a delicious merienda at Cafe 1925.  Unfortunately, it started raining when we were about to leave Balay Negrense so we had to wait.  By the time it stopped raining, it was almost dark so we had to cut our impromptu walking tour and head back to Bacolod.  I still haven’t done a proper tour of Silay to this date… maybe because it is easy to take this city for granted being so near to Bacolod.  But I plan to keep coming back… not only is it feast for the eyes but the food is worth the trip as well… =)


IMG_9215IMG_9225 - CopyIMG_9223IMG_9344



    1. It’s nice to walk around Silay. We were only able to do two to three blocks… and got stranded in Balay Negrense because of the rain. Next time, we’ll definitely see the Hofilena and Bernardino-Jalandoni houses.

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