walking along Katada street
walking along Katada street

A trip to Dumaguete will never be complete without having breakfast at the Painitan.  A lot of travelers say that in order to know the character of a town or a city, one must pay a visit to their market.  I guess, nothing says local cooking than food being sold at food stalls at the public market.  After the first time I had breakfast at Dumaguete’s local breakfast place, I was hooked.  I look forward to having my morning fix after waiting for the sunrise at the Boulevard.  You can either walk from the boulevard or take a trike and head to Katada Street, which is right beside the public market.  One side of the street is lined with stalls… each with tables with beautifully propped and stacked Budbod.

The first time we tried to find this place, my friend asked a local where the “kapehan” was… thinking that it was the usual coffee place found in local markets where one is treated to native brewed coffee.  The local didn’t quite understand what we were talking about.  We thought it was just a simple case of bad translation on our end since we didn’t really speak Cebuano.  The keyword to finding the place was to ask where to buy budbod.  Much to my friend’s dismay… we then found out that they didn’t serve native coffee only the ones in 3-in-1’s in sachets… Most people have tsokolate (chocolate drink) with an order of puto maya, Budbod or egg sandwhiched in pandesal.

It’s an interesting place to be.  To see people, both local and tourist, old or young… converge in the Painitan very early in the morning to grab a snack or have their breakfast… some gather around small tables and talk intently over a cup of tsokolate or coffee… Well, there are others (like me) who wander around curiously learning local culture and snapping away photos… and taking home lots of memories.

motorcycle parking
motorcycle parking
stacking 'em up
stacking ’em up
no one’s too young for this place

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