Bodbod Tanjay (with chocolate swirl), Bodbod Kabog and a cup of chocolate
Budbod Tanjay (with chocolate swirl), Budbod Kabog and a cup of chocolate

Relatives who frequented the Oriental side of Negros often brought with them Budbod for pasalubong.  I never paid much attention to it for I always thought it was a local version of Suman and a very down-sized version at that.   Though what Suman is to the Tagalogs is actually “Ibos” and “But-ong” for us Ilonggos, rice cakes wrapped in palm or banana leaves.  Let’s leave that for another post.  I guess, I have to scout for some those native goodies at some nearby market soon.

A trip to Dumaguete’s Painitan, I have discovered there were two kinds of Budbod – Budbod Tanjay and Budbod Kabog.  They all looked alike… same size, all wrapped in banana leaves and tied in pairs.  Yet the one made from Kabog is more pricey… maybe because Kabog or Millet seeds is more difficult to source.

Budbod Tanjay is not not made in Dumaguete but a town north of Dumaguete called Tanjay.  It is made of malagkit (glutinous) rice cooked in coconut milk, oil, sugar, and wrapped in banana leaves.  There are those with either chocolate swirls or mangoes… or both.  Budbod kabog on the other hand is not made from rice but from millet seeds.  Budbod Tanjay sells Php 12.- per piece or Php 24.-  seince they sell it by pair, while budbod kabog sells for Php 30.-  a pair.  I ordered a pair of both varieties and a cup of tsokolate (chocolate drink).  I can’t quite remember how much the drink was but the total cost of my breakfast was Php 52.- (I think)… either my memory was bad or the cashier’s math was bad.

I can’t really say which I like better since the two varieties have each have distinct taste.  One thing I know for sure, I like my Budbud doused in tsokolate.


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