IMG_9102The Provincial Captol of Negros Occidental was built on 1924 to 1935.  It has survived the Japanese bombing and occupation during World War II.  When the price of sugar dropped in the 70s, so did the economy of the province.  Insurgency and peasant unrest worsened with the deteriorating economy.  The building was then ignored and was used by national government agencies like the NBI, COA, judicial courts, etc.  Sometime in the 1990s, the Negros Museum was established in the main hall of the building.  Other departments of the provincial government still held office in the Capitol building but the office of the governor and the sangguniang panlalawigan was transferred to the “New Administration Building” built beside the aging Capitol.  Under the administration of the late Governor Joseph Maranon, the restoration and renovation of the Provincial Capitol was undertaken.  Today, the seat of power of the provincial government is once again at the Provincial Capitol building.  The governor holding office at the north wing and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan headed by the vice governor is housed at the south wing.  Hopefully, one day soon… people will realize where the real seat of power reside.  That it is not in the massive and grandiose structures built by those who govern… but power resides in the people as it has always did.



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