Dumaguete City hosted the 2nd Philippine National Games last 25-31, 2012.  It is a yearly national championships for all sports to assess the expanse of athletic potentials as by-product of your national programs, to serve as the ultimate challenge grounds to bring out the best of the national crop and the emerging ones, and finally, to serve as the final “ranking and selection ground” for possible composition of the national pool, and from which the team for the future international competitions.

I was traveling solo to Dumaguete City on May 26-28.  I’ve read about bloggers who travel alone, I guess I wanted to try it myself… though Dumaguete isn’t really that far.  I made a list of the sites I wanted to see and photograph — this was basically a photo expedition.

On my second day, I met an athlete who was participating in the games.  We discussed about the interesting sites in the city… and she asked me if I wanted to shoot some of the events that day.   I readily agreed because action photography is one of my weakest when I underwent basic photography workshop.  I was only able to shoot three events —

Pencak Silat

From what I was told, Pencak Silat was a Muslim muslim martial arts.  Searching the internet, I found the Pencak Silat is an umbrella term for the martial arts of Indonesia.  I had no idea how these games were played.  I just shot what I saw happening.


Archery was the easiest to shoot since there was almost no movement between the player and his/her target.  The game being played outdoor, there was no problem with light.  The targets and equipment were very colorful, which makes the details very interesting.


I don’t exactly know the difference between Karate and Karatedo… or maybe it’s a combination of Karate and another martial arts… excuse my ignorance.  I really have no idea.

I really wanted to shoot the football game in Siliman University but I got stuck in the hotel watching the news.