Found a shop that had Tribu slippers for sale… Since the ordinary flip flops seem to cost just as much (in Boracay), I grabbed a pair and took off my leather shoes.  Atty. Det was looking for a pair of shorts and settled for a sundress instead.  We were not exactly ready for the beach.  We thought that we will be staying in a hotel somewhere in Kalibo, hence we looked lost among the beach crowd.  But to no avail, we rolled our jeans and headed to the beach.  We were in Boracay… and I wouldn’t want to miss the sunset for anything.  Thanks to Atty. Det, who patiently waited with me… who rather kept herself occupied talking to D on the phone.

The sun was slowly sinking down the western horizon… and in a matter of minutes, the sky was glowing orange.  I was just so happy to be there.

child’s play