our room for the night

It was past three in the afternoon when got to the Island.  We asked the tourist assistance desk at the pier if they could recommend a place for us to stay.  We were looking for reasonably priced rooms (maybe a little cheaper) since we will be leaving early the next morning.  One of the tourism staff took us to station 2.  We alighted the trike at the entrance of d Mall… made our way to the beach… and through the maze of people, we got to this alley lined with guesthouses and inns.  Somewhere at the end of the alley, we found Jerome’s Annex.  The owner must have another inn, hence this one is called the ‘Annex’.  After haggling with the caretaker, she agreed to give us the room for Php 1,500.00.  The room had two double beds which was pretty comfortable, aricon, a closet, TV, ref and a bathroom with only cold shower.  But who needs hot shower in the beach?  And oh! the room was sunny orange.

So we were somewhere far off the beach… but we didn’t need a room at the beachfront since we didn’t even think we would end up in Boracay.  The inn was actually just a few minutes walk from d Mall… and there seems to be no shortage of places to eat or drink in the island, so it wasn’t much of a problem.  But first things first… Atty. Det had to get her caffeine fix and I needed to buy slippers.


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