Atty. Det asked if i can accompany her Malay…Ii said yes after I was able to move my meeting for that day without really knowing where Malay exactly is other than we needed to go to Iloilo and hop on a bus to somewhere… I thought it would be a good time to travel and practice with Igor (my cam).

First destination was the Kalibo Register of Deeds to pick up some documents… then we head to Malay to submit the documents to the assessor’s office.  By 3pm we were done.  We took a tricycle to go back to Caticlan to catch a bus to head back to Kalibo.  We needed a place to stay overnight since we won’t make it for the last trip back to Bacolod.  Iloilo was 5-hour away… Kalibo was a 2-hour bus ride away… but Boracay was only 15-min away and since the bus station was right across the jetty port.  We decided to get tickets for the ferry and in a few minutes, we were having coffee by the beach.


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