the pedestrian

I went to downtown area yesterday because I remembered that I needed to get the stamps I ordered more than a month ago.  Kaluoy naman kay manong may kulang pa ko na fifty pesos… Though his stamps are way more expensive than that of the other engravers in those area. anyways, i took a jeep from my office going to downtown. it was starting to drizzle… and I didn’t have an umbrella or jacket with me. i alighted the jeep at San Juan street… ok lang kay damo man lalantawon magsulod sa Plaza Mart… gadgets, pirated DVD’s, etc.  Nakita ko si manong nga nagahimos sang pwesto nya sang ara na ko sa pihak na sidewalk sa may Araneta Street.

When I was about to cross the street, I remembered that the pedestrian lane was at the end of this street/block.  Though the people crossing the street didn’t bother since traffic was light… as most days here are.

“Should I just cross here or use the pedestrian lane? nobody seems to care. not even the traffic enforcer standing at the other side.” this is me debating with myself…

and this is me losing the argument… “Sige na lang gani… I have no right to complain about people who break the law if I can’t follow simple rules such as crossing the street.”


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