Touring BenCab will not be complete without visiting Cafe Sabel at the lower ground level of the building.  The cafe overlooks the forest and the duck pond.     After touring the different galleries, we sampled some of the food in the cafe’s menu.  We ordered some beef in beer sauce, chicken fabada, sinangan na mountain rice (which I mistakenly read as “sinigang na mountain rice”) and some fresh tossed salad.  The food was ok… nothing extraordinary for me.  The servings were small but enough for one person.  The vegetables used for the salad were really fresh since they came from the garden/farm outside.

Sands ordered brewed coffee and I decided to try caffe americano, which I didn’t know was a strong concoction.  Oh well! What better way to enjoy your coffee than having it in seat near a window which opens to a spectacular view of the mountains.  Even on a foggy day, it was a breathtaking sight.  It was hard to resist. I enjoyed spending the afternoon strolling outside the cafe taking pictures of the vista.

The cafe interiors since we last went there, this entry part of my long over due series of PostBar Baguio trip.  I hope I can visit the place again… with Igor and Cookie.  

And who is Sabel? Sabel is BenCab’s muse who is depicted in many of his works.


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