If there’s only one reason why I should go to Baguio… it’s the BenCab Museum.  I’m not really a big fan of art but when I saw in the internet the photos of the building and the garden, I told myself I want to see this place first hand.  I always thought that the Museum being a landmark in Baguio would be easy to find.  Guess again.  We hailed quite a few cabs and realized that the drivers didn’t know where the BenCab Museum was.  After a few tries, a driver said he knew where the place was.  It was 15 minutes away from the center of the city on Km. 6, Asin Road.

The Museum sits on a promontory, which commands a breathtaking view of the garden, farm, hill and mini-forest, the surrounding mountains and the South China sea in the distant west.  It houses the works of BenCab as well as other acknowledged Filipino masters.  It has several galleries divided among the three floors of the building.  One can buy books, post cards and other souvenir items in the museum shop located in the lobby.

Reglar admission to the Museum is P100.00 pesos.  Students and senior citizens pay a discounted rate of P80.00.  Still photography inside the museum is allowed though you may not use flash or tripod.  You may bring your sketchbooks which are no bigger than 8.5 x 11 and you may sketch using pencil or ink while inside the museum.

Smoking is not allowed though and bringing of outside food and beverages.  Food and drinks are only allowed in Cafe Sabel, which is at the basement of the museum.


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