DSC080949:00 a.m.  I was either too lazy or too sleepy to heat some water for my bath.  The water was freezing cold! I was wide awake after my morning bath.  We still had a half-filled bottle of mineral water, Quaker oatmeal cookies and an unopened tube of  potato chips.  Bawi na lang sa lunch it’s past nine in the morning anyway.  Time to explore Bagio…

Sands needed to deliver some papers at the DENR office which was several or rather a lot of steps down from the guest house where we stayed.  We passed through a nursery of Benguet pines on the way down.  Upon emerging at Gibraltar Street, we took a jeepney to Mines View.  We met “Doglas” the famous St. Bernard of Mines View.  After a few more many walks we met another St. Bernard, whom the owner claims to be a descendant of Doglas.  They’re adorable drooling BIG fur ball.

We took another jeepney and headed to the mansion at CP Romulo Drive.  The guards were kind enough to tell us that we can go inside the gate to take pictures.  It is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines.  It is older than the city itself and one of the most visited landmarks in Baguio.  Right across the Mansion is Wright Park.  We walked through the park and emerged at the other end in Gibraltar Road.  We needed to find a ride to get to the downtown.  We found some jeepneys at the Pacdal Circle.  All that walking made me hungry.  Our next destination was lunch.

It was almost noon and we did not have breakfast yet except for the noodles we had at the terminal when we arrived at around 4:00 a.m.  Let’s just say, we were a little more than hungry.  Sands suggested this resto somewhere that serves affordable steaks.  Sounds good to me! But we needed to find it first.

Walking in Baguio is not the same as walking in some other places where you need only to concern yourself with going left or right or go straight ahead… there’s also UP and DOWN.  After walking a few blocks down Harrison Road, even Jolibee was looking appetizing.  We eventually found ourselves on Session Road.  It must be somewhere here… since this is the most popular place in the city, right? But we needed to go UP the street again.  Most of the people we met in the street were holding this big Belgian cones with big scoops of ice cream.  I’m having that for dessert!

Finally we found Sizzling plate.  We ordered a T-bone steak and fillet mignon with java rice.  It also came with a complimentary soup.  There wasn’t much in the soup but it either tasted good or we were just hungry.  I love beef… so I was happy when they finally served our lunch.

But it was dessert that sealed the deal.  It was one of the best sans rival I tasted… the best still being San Rival’s san rival in Dumaguete.

My ice cream in Belgian cone will have to wait for dinner.


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