Sands sent me a message saying we can go up to Baguio Monday night.  Originally, we planned to do a side trip to Dagupan… but change of plans, we’ll just head straight to Baguio daw.  We didn’t have any ticket reservation so we decided to head to Victory Liner in Cubao early.  We’re at the terminal at a little past seven, which is really early… and none of the trips were fully booked.  We’re hoping to arrive Baguio as close to daylight as possible… but since we’re already in the terminal, we’d rather hang-out at the Baguio bus terminal than in Cubao.  We opted to take the 9:00pm aircon bus instead of the 11:15pm deluxe bus, which was estimated to take around 4-5 hours.  We paid P430.00 each for the one way bus ride for the regular aircon trip.


The trip was very long… we seem to stop at every town (probably every province lang) we passed for bathroom breaks, stretch our legs, coffee, etc.  I didn’t really get to appreciate the scenery since we were traveling at night and I sooo love sleeping during long trips.  I regret not bringing my sweater… my jacket wasn’t enough to keep me warm during the trip.  Dapat siguro may dala ko na habol.

We arrived Baguio at around four in the morning.  We have to wait ’til after six in the morning to go to our reserved accommodations at Pacdal.  Tambay muna sa terminal.  The Victory Liner terminal in Baguio was a way lot cozier and COLDER (read: Baguio at 4:00am in September) than the Cubao terminal.  There are food stalls in the second floor of the terminal.  Sands ordered coffee and I had some beef wanton noodle soup.  Too bad the terminal didn’t have wifi… but Azul (my netbook) detected the wifi signal coming from the nearby Microtel Inn, it was password protected though.  We watched the sun rise from the terminal’s veranda.

At past six in the morning, we took a cab and headed for Pacdal.  We had the whole house to ourselves.  A three-story house with four bedrooms… a kitchen, bathroom, dining and living room in the second floor; four bedrooms  and a common bathroom in the third floor.  There was a fireplace in the living room.  We had gas so we can cook our meals if we choose to… and heat water since there was no hot water in the bathrooms.  There were a lot of beds to choose from.  I’ll get some sleep first… then I’ll worry about how cold Baguio’s morning water later in the day.


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