2007 pre-bar review

I’ve always heard friends talk about going up to Baguio after the Bar Exams.  Probably it was a way to regain one’s sanity after a grueling month of taking a test and (more or less) five months of review before that.  Sort of a respite before one starts the torture of waiting for the results which stretches up five (sometimes six) months.  After taking the Bar in 2007, my Bar buddies (now, my partners in practice) decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom instead.  We didn’t have pictures of that post Bar trip since my friend forgot to charge her camera. =(

I joined a few friends for the last Sunday of the 2010 Bar.  Yes! the famous 2010 salubungan that ended with a number of people injured in a grenade blast.  There was a festive mood along Taft and the adjoining streets that afternoon.  Suddenly there was a blast where a large group of people were gathered.  I saw white smoke… then people started jumping off the island underneath the LRT and running away.  Panic ensued.  We were right across the street from where the incident happened.  We went back inside the garage of Benilde where our BarOps was stationed.  Then we heard two or three gun shoots.

Some of those injured were taken inside Benilde and we can hear them screaming in pain as they were given first aid.  After they were taken to the hospital, there was so much blood being washed off the floor.  As we left Benilde to go back to the apartment in del Carmen street, we can see the aftermath of a senseless act.  Flowers, banners, papers, water bottles, etc. scattered… It was like a war zone.  This was my first time to go to the Bar… other than the time I took it.  It was quite an experience.

at Harbor Square with Atty. Dette, Atty. Maki and Lori

I was suppose to go up to Baguio that same night but decided to postpone it for another day.  A belated Bar tradition on my part.  I joined my other friends at Harbor Square instead and had dinner in Army Navy.  The discussion about the afternoon’s incident was the main course for that night.  We feel for those who were hit in the explosion or who were hurt in the commotion that ensued… but we were thankful nonetheless that no one from La Salle was injured… and we pray that the perpetrators will finally answer for their deeds.


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