Kabalo ko nga ang kada isa may lain-lain nga basehan sang iya pagpili. Hambal sang iban ko nga kilala daw pareho lang ni sugal. Nagataya kita sa kursunada naton nga manok o kabayo o numero. May pierdi. May nagadaog. Ang hilikuton wala nagatapos sa adlaw sang pinili-ay. Matakus lang naton ang resulta sini matapos ang... Continue Reading →


It’s been a while and I have no excuse.  I have been avoiding writing because I hate feeling the way I do whenever I write to you.  But it’s Father’s Day and I have skipped several birthdays and Christmases… and every special occasion there is.  So it had really been a long time.  You would... Continue Reading →


There's something about sunsets that fascinates me. It's probably the most clichè subject in photography. But captivating nonetheless. So I try to chase sunsets (or catch the sunrise when I'm able to wake up really early) where ever I maybe. But luck never seems to be on my side more often than not. A clear... Continue Reading →


I used to write you sappy letters and I still do. Though now, you don't get to hold and read them like you used to. I often tucked them under folded shirts in your closet for you to find. I don't know if you've read any of them for you haven't said a word. But... Continue Reading →


My mom's favorite anecdote about my childhood was that I didn't have one. She'd tell friends or relatives that she doesn't remember ever seeing me play games like my younger siblings did and wonders what I did when I as a child. Of course, it's kinda hilarious to hear now that I am an adult... Continue Reading →


When Det and Darrel were expecting their first born (Adam), we were exploring the idea of doing a maternity shoot.  Though portrait photography (in whatever form) always intimidated me and something I reluctantly ventured into unless it involved children or unknowing strangers (that sounds a bit creepy and little more like stalking), I was excited... Continue Reading →


Halfway through the introduction of the book Scrappy Little Nobody, the Anna Kendrick writes (or rather says, because I initially have an audio version): "That night, I resolved to keep the crazy inside my head where it belonged. Forever. But here’s the thing about crazy: It. Wants. Out." and I couldn't agree with her more.  There... Continue Reading →


  When I was younger, I welcomed the noise and the chaos of day to day life.  I needed to be constantly surrounded by people and engaged in any activity to fill up all the gaps in a day.  I hated the quiet moments, especially that window between being drowsy and actually falling asleep.  Whatever thought or... Continue Reading →


Took my twelve year old niece to watch Pitch Perfect 3.  She loved the entire movie -- the songs, the jokes, and the Bellas, of course.  She practically grew up with the Pitch Perfect movies and she introduced me to the franchise years ago when she was just half her age now. I didn't hate... Continue Reading →


Sure, the story of traveling to find one's self has been told too many times.  But it's hard to resist the charm of Siargao as visually depicted by Director Paul Soriano.  I'm a real sucker for good cinematography.  A wonderfully shot film will have have 50% of my vote.  I couldn't put together enough words... Continue Reading →


I remember how you used to read to me at night when I was small. It never seemed to work though. For instead of putting me to sleep, I'd end up asking a hundred and one questions... sometimes even more. That must have been exasperating for you and mom. I didn't care if the story... Continue Reading →


Went to the bookstore earlier today to find a birthday card for my mom. I was off somewhere again and won't be spending this day with her and the rest of the family. Maybe a (belated) card delivered thru courier would make me feel less guilty. But I couldn't find one I liked. I wasn't... Continue Reading →


I bid goodbye to my old blog THiRTYSOMETHiNG and all my other blogs when I started Bacolod Walks in 2010. There is always that conscious effort to sound straight forward and avoid being emotionally charged. In other words, nakpapaka mature. I reopened THiRTYSOMETHiNG a few days ago. (Fortunately, I still remembered my account name and... Continue Reading →


The problem with adult life is when we reach that stage where we slowly begin lose the people that matter in our lives.  We know that death is a certainty.  It will surely come though we don't know when or how.  I always thought I'd die young (What can I say, I was a morbid... Continue Reading →


Had fun shooting last night.  Though initially I was apprehensive (more like frightened) with the prospect of taking photos of a roomful of judges.  How do you actually give instructions to people who make a career giving out orders? Then there was a variety of technical issues to worry about including lighting, color temperature, and... Continue Reading →

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